Friday, March 28, 2008

SBF Forum Follies-Take 2

Well, after my BRILLIANT idea for an April Fools Joke, SBF changed the trophy art, so here's the updated artwork, courtesy of MaggieM's homepage (with permission of course).

To participate:

1. Save the above artwork (left click on it and save picture as) to your desktop

2. Go to your SBF home page and click on Change my settings

3. Click on Change my Home colors and background

4. Click on the Use background image button

5. Click on the Browse button and find your art on the desktop

6. Click OK, and then save at the bottom of the account settings page.

Your homepage will then be COVERED in challenge trophies. enjoy!


Lesley said...

hehehe sssssh aren't we silly :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahahhaa, I love it.....You definitely have my permission to use my "decorations".

MaggieM said...

I meant to give my name....sorry!!

Anonymous said...

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